Spill a Picnic Basket this Earth Day

photo picnic for the planet earth day

Photo by Jeremy Noble

The Nature Conservancy is encouraging folks to Picnic for the Planet this Earth Day, April 22. Sounds better than what we did last year, as in watch the beginning of the BP oil spill. So if you're looking for something to do, step outside and break bread with some friends. The Nature Conservancy is shooting for the world with this Picnic for the Planet idea. It might be one for the TreeHugger food bloggers to try. What's a fitting recipe or dish to pass for an Earth Day picnic?

The outdoor event has an online hub, of course, where you can drop a pin on your picnic, and upload photos and videos.

Meetup.com is among the social networks being used to help organize picnics. Facebook is being used too (I've already received one invite).

More than 400 blanket parties have been organized in Seattle, Florida and nearby Tanzania and Zambia. The thing is, the internet can make you quickly realize how connected we all are on Gaia.

How do you plan to mark Earth Day? What about every other day before and after? Some say Earth Day has become too commercialized. But it's still not worth forgetting, right?

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