Spiderman Tries to Save Planet from Global Warming


Today we had an email addressed from Alain Robert, (a.k.a. real life Spiderman), as no doubt did many other media outlets. Alain climbs skyscrapers, with nought but his climbing shoes and a bag of gymnasts chalk. His audacious unroped climbs tend to attract rather a great deal of attention. In this case scaling the 45 storey Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong certainly did.

Now he is leveraging that attention to work with Dylan Hughes, from London, as part of that six year old's 'The Solution is Simple' campaign (detail after the fold). Spiderman was in China island territory to bring attention to that country being the world's biggest contributor to global warming, with an Chinese citizen said to be creating almost 4 tonnes of global warming emissions. But he argues the developed world is just as responsible and it's now the time for action, not more talk.

And rather than just picking on China, Alain Robert reckons other countries need to step up to the plate, as well, citing countries like the US as having an average greenhouse gas emission per person of 20 tonnes, and the middle east's Quatar's residents each contributing 60 tonnes per year.

He hopes to continue raising awareness for the campaign "until the end of 2009, when world leaders finally meet in Copenhagen to negotiate the most important global agreement in history, that must enable real action to end global warming."

The Solution Is Simple campaign believes that solving global warming is as simple as 1,2,3.
1 - Stop Cutting Down Trees.
2 - Make Everything Energy Efficient.
3 - Only Make Clean Energy.

See also Reuters for a bit more background.

Images: Emmanuel Aguirre and REUTERS/Victor Fraile

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