Special Poll: Pick the Commercial with the Worst Health Message


The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine is upset about advertising that tries to show that men who eat tofu are wimps. The ads imply that if you have any balls at all you eat meat and lots of it. The Hummer version says that it is OK to eat tofu but you had better drive a Hummer to compensate; The Burger King ad has men singing a version of Helen Reddy's I am Woman where he is just too hungry to eat chick food. At TGIF, eating vegetables gets strange glances from the buddies. The Physician's Committee says "The three commercials below all convey the message that eating unhealthy foods, especially meat, makes one more masculine. The ads prey on men's insecurities and shame men for consuming low-fat, healthful items." I voted Burger King once I could stop laughing. Go to ::PCRM and vote early and often. via ::New York Times