Spacing: Understanding Our City

We have despaired about our city, Toronto. Many years ago is was thought to be sophisticated and ever so clean- "New York run by the Swiss" as Peter Ustinov described it. The last 15 years saw political manipulation, financial troubles, SARS and a truly scary increase in gun violence climaxing this week in the tragic death of an innocent bystander. Yet high density vibrant cities with good transit are critical in the fight against flight to the suburbs.

Recently things have begun to turn around. Two years ago we elected a mayor who wasn't nuts; wonderful new institutions are being built and rebuilt; attempts are being made to house the homeless and a new generation of artists and writers is making its presence felt. One of the best signs of change is the remarkable magazine Spacing-" a magazine about Toronto's public spaces and urban landscape. We cover any and every issue that concerns life in the city's public realm." But it is much more than that- it is well written, beautifully laid out and full of content for anyone interested in urbanism or civic life. You can download Marc Ngui's proposals for wayfinding (applicable everywhere) and check out ::Spacing - every city needs a magazine like this.