South Park Takes Aim at Whale Wars, Japan and Everyone Else

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South Park has done what it does best - make fun of everyone ruthlessly, hilariously, and without bias. Their latest episode takes on the Japanese (who hate all dolphins), Whale Wars' Captain Paul Watson (who isn't bad-ass enough), vegans, and anyone who eats meat yet is upset about dolphins killed for food. No one - not even the Miami Dolphins - are safe in this episode. Starting out with a gang of angry Japanese men rushing aquariums and spearing any dolphins and whales to be found, Stan hops on board with the Sea Shepherd and crew to battle back. However, he finds that Captain Paul Watson isn't tough enough...which doesn't much matter considering Watson gets harpooned within a few minutes of the episode. Stan takes over, and hilarity ensues.

Brutal fess-up honesty is South Park's signature, and this episode is an opportunity to show that environmentalists have a sense of humor, and yes, we can still laugh at serious issues such as what happens in Taiji when the issues - and the people involved - are poked fun at with a talented wit. South Park is famous for dishing out elbow jabs with a flare, and this episode is hilarious if you're willing to sit back and enjoy.

Catch the whole episode here.

Via Ecorazzi and Earth First
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