Soundbyte Activism: Re-Scripting A Tradition

Witnessing the constructive attention given "An Inconvenient Truth" has been an inspiration, while finding better ways to communicate climate risks to those who will never see the film remains a daunting challenge. So we got to thinking 'forget the broadcast media framing game.' It's too late for a linguistics research project that may or may not prove fruitful. If you are here, you get it. Hunters and fishermen, a relatively small demographic segment in the US, have also figured out what's at stake. But we're just a start. Many millions of heartstrings resist the rational, the scientific, story line. The likely response to logic is logical and immediate: " I won't be around, so why should I care about climate changing?" And that's that. We think its time to invoke the realm of myth and dreams. Below is our proposed 'pilot' script for getting the attention of many more (but not all) 'reluctant Americans'. Let us know if you it might work. What other cultural heroes can we write in to the future script?"Who lives at the North Pole?" You ask.

Silence holds the moment in place. A smirk emerges.

"Whose workshop is destroyed when the arctic melts?" "Santa Claus that's who."

Eyes rolling, your mark steps back.

"Will we tell your grandchildren that Santa and the elves moved to Detroit? To a condo on K-Street? To an abandoned coal mine in West Virginia? Tell me you don't care"!

Art credit: drawing by Thomas Nast, one of the original Santa Claus images.