Soul Majestic Empowers the Green Movement With a Reggae Beat

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"The Better World," the latest album by Soul Majestic, takes an often depressing subject - the state of the world - puts it to a reggae beat, blends in empowering lyrics and helps you get back on that horse to ride another day into battle. This 7-member band does more than talk the talk by bringing their green act to a green fest near you in their biodiesel bus.Soul Majestic's music just makes you want to toss your surfboard and gear into the backseat of your car and cruise down the coast looking for the perfect wave. Blue skies everywhere. Seagulls floating overhead. Smooth tunes coming from your stereo. Instead of getting bummed out, you feel like yes you can put on your gloves and do that beach cleanup. Yes you can make hard choices for the planet and that things will work out.

The lyrics of the Better World album ask that each of us take a look at the world around us and choose to empower ourselves to turn things around. Yes, there is greed and destruction and environmental crisis, but without uplifting songs like this and reminders that its up to us, we can easily get mired in the depressing topic that is environmentalism. By putting uplifting lyrics to a reggae beat, suddenly everything starts to look a little better.

Soul Majestic describes their style as a

"carefully crafted recipe that incorporates the talents of multiple vocalists, both male and female, blends in a youthful Jamaican-style edge with conscious lyrics, and adds a dash of laid-back California surf vibe and earth awareness. Pepper in an unrefined activist message with organic, highly danceable music, and finish up with an aroma of soulful and sultry musings on love, and you’ve got a hearty helping of Soul Majestic."

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The Youtube video of Better World is a little trippy with images morphing into other images and some of the scenes move a little too fast to follow with your eyes - doesn't really match with the mellow music. Don't let that stop you because the team behind Soul Majestic has a history of working with some of the best in the business, including recording their second album in Jamaica at Bob Marley's Tough Gong Studio. The release of their third album this June features collaborations with Sly and Robbie, Tony Moses, Trinidad's Queen Omega and Million 7 Sound.

"Next Generation" and "Guidance" both have a sad sound to them, but use vocal modification mixed with a dance beat to create a catchy beat. While "First Light" means well, its lyrics are a tad over the top with some of the rhymes. It gets better, but the first few lines are hard to listen to without laughing. Also co-lead singer Oriana Sanders' voice changes a lot throughout the album - sometimes sounding very deep and strong and other times sounding airy and unfocused. While many of the songs push the same message, they all have a different beat and sound so you don't feel like you're listening to the same song over and over.

The members of Soul Majestic take their environmental crusade seriously by traveling around in a biodiesel bus, playing eco-benefit concerts and packaging their music in eco-friendly materials. Their self-described mission is to use their music "to raise awareness of global interconnectedness, and how people’s actions impact one another and the earth." So give the album a spin, mellow out a bit and then keep on keeping on, thanks to Soul Majestic. You can find it now on iTunes or when it drops July 1, 2009. You can also download their song "I Rise" (about beating cancer) now on ReverbNation.

To find out more about tour dates or their latest album, check out their Myspace page. Soul Message is managed by LoaTree, a green lifestyle company managing environmentally-conscious artists.
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