SOS 4.8 Music Festival in Spain Asks: And now what?

SOS 48 Music and Art Festival in Spain May 2009 PHOTO

The Festival SOS 4.8 in Spain runs under the theme SOStenibilidad (sustainability) and celebrates 48h non-stop of Music, Contemporary Art and Reflection. Their first line-up last year was already pretty impressive, but nothing compared to this year: SOS 4.8 has added two more stages and at the same time dropped the entrance price due to the crisis. The theme for the VOCES (voices), a reflection space where artists and thinkers will immerse in the concept of sustainability, is And now what? This looks like the perfect way to spend May Day, reflecting about the world and sustainability, immersed in the music of PJ Harvey & John Parish, Russian Red, Spiritualized, The Matthew Herbert Big Band, The Prodigy, Those Dancing Days, 2manydjs, Babyshambles, Boys Noize, Keane and many more great bands.Last year at SOS 4.8 over 26,000 people danced with The Chemical Brothers, Rufus Wainwright and James among others. This second Edition of SOS 4.8 will open the concert summer season in Spain the first weekend in May, and provides three main areas: Music (see full line-up here), Contemporary Art and the VOCES reflection space.

SOS 4.8 commissioned Jota Castro, the French Peruvian artist based in Brussels who through photography, sculpture, video and installations tackles social problems, to curate an exhibition that responds to the question "And now what?". He reinterprets facts connected to the actual facts and his personal experience. For this show he invited artist like Dutch Atelier Van Lieshout, London-based Francisco Valdez and Rumanian video artist Irina Botea amongst others.

Interesting is also the VOCES space for reflection, which promises to be far from the stiffness of a summit or a meeting restricted to experts, but instead, be a useful and enjoyable space. Here, scientist, economists and philosophers will show us how the reality of the coming years will be. They will try to give us the keys to helps us face this reality and to think about it, again by answering the question "And what now?".

Belgian professor of political science Chantal Moufflé, and French philosopher and essayist André Glucksmann will tackle sustainability and politics. Bruce Bégout (Zéropolis, the Future of American Cities, Ed. Allia, 2005) and Maurizio Ferraris, professor of theoretical philosophy will analyse sustainability and technology. Philip Ball will address sustainability and the environment, and French philosopher Michel Onfray, who has published about thirty books in formulating a draft ethical hedonist, will take part in a special conference.

SOS 4.8 will rely on these intellectuals to get everyone to thing about phenomena of our daily life, and have a good time at the same time. Jota Castro explains:

And now what? Will try to give an ethic and optimistic lesson at a time when the previously glorified global society, that based its growth in the development of the hegemony of the market, does no longer have a say. Today all those certainties have disappeared creating the ideal scenery for an artistic experiment. Artists from four different generations, together but not mixed will join ideas to understand this historical moment. You might be surprised when I talk about lesson but classifying the exhibition this way allows me to dissociate it of the lightness that overtakes the exhibitions that I visited lately. I hope my words with spark your curiosity so I can see you at the festival.

So if you want to keep celebrating after Earth Day, the SOS 4.8 Festival will be held on May 1st and 2nd at the Recinto Ferial La Fica de Murcia in Murcia, Spain. Tickets at the Box Office cost 40€. Via ::Alababarada ::SOS 4.8

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