Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols Go Green on "One Tree Hill," Ted Danson and Morgan Freeman Speak out for Oceana, and More

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"One Tree Hill" stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols talked to Planet Green about their recent trip to the Gulf Coast, where they tried to help with clean-up efforts on the oil-soaked beaches, and about the ways they try to keep the Earth healthy in their daily lives, from composting and installing energy-efficient appliances at home to encouraging recycling and saving energy on their show's set. And they agreed that going green isn't just for the rich."People who I know who compost are farmers and ranchers," says Bush. "I saw firsthand in Grand Isle people who have no wealth whatsoever, people who work with their hands every day, who bring home food on their table because they caught it in the sea -- these are not people who drive Bentleys or fly on private planes. They are not wealthy people who are clamoring for a green future for their Gulf Coast." Read part one and part two of the interview on Planet Green.

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Photo via Gulf Live Oceana board members Ted Danson and Morgan Freeman joined the organization for an update on its Gulf of Mexico research expedition, where scientists, divers, photographers, and videographers from Oceana are working to figure out the full impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill by tracking the underwater oil plume. The actors also both spoke out in support of Oceana's campaign to end offshore drilling, with Danson saying he urges "everyone to 'do the science so we can be real about the cost and the impact of the spill,'" according to, and adding, "Either we change our ways, or nature will change them for us. You are going to drill your way out of oil one of these days. If we do not get off that system and on to alternative sources of energy..then we're idiots. We're the yokels that have been left behind."

Christina Hendricks Goes Homemade

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"Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks traded her vintage '60s costumes for handmade scarves in a photo shoot for Etsy, where she models felted neckwear from BlackbirdDesignHouse. The shop, run by fellow actress Tamara Mello (who former "Popular" fans will remember from her role as Lily Esposito) sells felted wool products, including nesting bowls, baskets, plant cozies, and trays along with the scarves -- all of which Mello knits by hand, felts without the use of machines, and then shapes and dries in the sun for one-of-a-kind goods with a low carbon footprint. (Via Craft)

More from Ryan Reynolds on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

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Last week, the NRDC released a PSA with Ryan Reynolds that questioned the true cost of a gallon of gasoline -- and this week, they put out a second video with the actor, in which he gives up the script to talk about his own experience on the Gulf Coast -- where he was shooting when the spill began; the families and locals that depend on the environment for their livelihood; and the long-term impacts of the spill, both positive and negative. "You look at this and you think that there's actually an opportunity hidden in this tragedy, and that's that we have to learn from our mistakes. What we're doing is literally what cavemen did -- we are quite literally setting things on fire to produce energy, and there are so many more viable alternatives to that."

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