Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols Find Perfect Harmony, Ted Danson vs. Oil Drilling, and More

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"One Tree Hill" actors Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols -- who talked to Planet Green about the personal impact of trip to the post-oil spill Gulf Coast with Global Green -- have been vocal about their support for the region. Now they've come up with another way to help.Ecorazzi reports that the couple has put together a compilation album that includes tracks from Vampire Weekend, Damien Rice, the Black Keys, LCD Soundsystem and others. The album, called Gasoline Rainbows, will be released on iTunes on November 30 - and all of the proceeds will support the oil spill response efforts from Global Green.

Dick Van Dyke's Lucky Rescue

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We love stories of superhero animals rescuing humans -- especially when the dramatic saves involve friendly porpoises and a film icon. On The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, actor Dick Van Dyke mentioned his own brush with animal bravery on a surf trip off the coast of California. "I woke up out of sight of land. I started paddling with the swells and I started seeing fins swimming around me and I thought, 'I'm dead!'" Time quotes him as saying. "They turned out to be porpoises and they pushed me all the way to shore. I'm not kidding." (For more daring creatures, see our slideshow: Amazing Animal Heroes Rescuing Humans.)

Ted Danson Vs. the Oil Industry

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Actor and Oceana board member Ted Danson, who's signed on to play an oil baron in the upcoming "Everybody Loves Whales," spoke out against oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean this week, testifying that more research is needed before the industry can move forward. "We feel that the draft that has come out is actually, basically, saying, 'Yes, we know we don't know this certain amount of science, but it's okay that we don't know that science to go ahead and start drilling,'" he said, according to The Huffington Post. "If you're going to drill in environmentally sensitive areas, make sure you've got it right. And we haven't gotten it right yet."

NBC Adds Royalty to Green Week

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NBC's fourth annual Green Week starts Sunday, November 14, and includes seven days of eco-minded programming across NBC, MSNBC, Bravo, and the company's other channels. Watch for Top Chef contestants using fresh-from-the-farm ingredients, green stocks on Mad Money, recycling initiatives at Dunder-Mifflin on "The Office," and green quips from Liz Lemon on "30 Rock" (which included an appearance from Al Gore last year). On Friday, get a glimpse at the environmental initiatives of Prince Charles on "Harmony," a film following royal efforts to fight climate change.

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