SomeeCards's Stash of Earth Day e-Cards Are Hilarious (and Free)

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Tongue in cheek humor can often be the best way to make a non greenie aware of, and inspired by, Earth Day. If you know someone who thinks Earth Day is all too crunchy granola, then Someecards has a handful of hilarious e-cards you can send their way. For hard core greenies, they might seem offensive, but when you put on your I-have-a-sense-of-humor hat and add in a personal message with a "No, but really, recycling is good because..." then you'll love these too. Here are a few favorites...some e-cards image
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There are some other funny ones that aren't totally appropriate for reposting, but I've no doubt you'll get a laugh - and so will your recipient. Toss an e-card over to someone you love today (and then offset the energy used by data centers to send the card with a carbon offset provider....)

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