Solar-Powered Tacos Hit Mexico (Video)


Street food vendors are in a prime position to make use of solar power -- they're out on corners, on roadsides, and under the glaring sun dishing out to-go meals all day. And many around the world still use charcoal or natural gas to heat their grills. Seems to me like a redundancy. It did to the Swiss inventor featured in the video above, as well -- so he introduced solar powered street vending to Mexico. Watch:

It's a novel idea, and one that would certainly be useful for the myriad taco trucks, gyro joints, and hot dog vendors that grace the streets of locales like my home in New York City.

If there's a downside, it's that $500 is a pretty steep investment for a street vendor, but it's not outrageous -- it could certainly appeal to some forward thinking culinary entrepreneurs. I, for one, would shell out a little extra for a solar powered taco.

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