Solar-Powered Ice Cream Truck: Transform! (Video)

Sungevity Solar Ice Pop Truck from Manifold on Vimeo.

Things just got that much tougher for all the non-transforming, non-solar-powered ice cream trucks out there. I mean, which one wins: Announcing your arrival with an annoying Casiotone rendition of 'The Entertainer'? Or letting the crowd turn in anticipation as massive, futuristic-looking solar panels unfold atop the car roof? Personally, I know which one I'd pick--it also happens to be the one that isn't making Scott Joplin perpetually roll over in his grave. The truck is a branded promotion-machine from solar company Sungevity. MMN reports:

The truck is solar-powered, covered in facts about harnessing energy from the sun, and was built as a marketing tool for Sungevity, a solar power company located in Oakland, Calif. Sungevity drove the truck around New York City this past July, giving out organic Good Pops with the company logo and website.
Somehow, you just feel a bit better knowing that we live in a world with transformer-esque solar-powered ice cream trucks, don't you?

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