Solar Panels & Wind Turbines Power NYC Community Garden

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Bette Midler and Target Launch Green Community Garden: Wind & Solar Power, LED Lighting, Rainwater Collection, Composting (full press release here)

Come one come all: Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project (NYRP) will be opening the Target East Harlem Community Garden October 4 and 5 with a special weekend of events and activities, including garden games, educational activities, seminars and meet-and-greet opportunities with NYRP's talented horticulture teams. More info and location details after you jump the boxwood hedge ┬╗Underwritten by (you guessed it) Target, the garden was designed by designer and television host Sean Conway. Using sustainable technology to eliminate dependence on outside energy, Conway's design provides the East Harlem community a truly green space in which to relax, garden and enjoy time outdoors. The newly designed garden is outfitted with wind turbines and solar panels which will power the 5,000 square foot garden's LED (Light-Emitting Diode) energy efficient lighting and a built-in irrigation system. A rainwater harvesting system will collect rainwater for gardeners to nourish healthy vegetable and flower beds throughout the growing season, reducing the garden's dependence on local water supply and therefore reducing expenses.

In addition, the garden will also offer community gardeners and area residents access to compost bins, to recycle organic household and yard waste. Adding compost to the soil ultimately returns needed organic matter and nutrients into the earth, yielding better results for gardeners and reducing the amount of "green" waste going into landfills.

Target East Harlem Community Garden
415-417 E 117th St/ 1st Ave, New York

Sat:10 am - 5 pm
Sun:11 am - 4 pm

subway: 6 to 116th St.
bus: M102, M116.

or ride your bike!