Soft Toy Awards


Image: paper bag writer on flickr

When coming across the softie awards, we were blown away by some the original handmade soft toys out there. Wow. What is going on? Could it be that people are sick of the crappy made-in-China plastic toys that break apart within five minutes, or the cute polyester everyone-has-the-same-one Disney Land stuffed toys? I really hope so. When thinking of hand made toys, Raggedy Anne dolls or corduroy teddy bears might come to mind, when thinking of beautifully made, unique and eco friendly toys, boutique stores might be considered. But what about handmade toys, handcrafted by loving hands in the home by hobbyists or artists? We have seen handmade soft toys on TreeHugger before like the knit octopus and Andreas Linzner's terry cloth stuffed animals, but how does one find such items or better still make them?

Maybe these hand made toys are not all organic or made from recycled materials, but we can rejoice in their originality, the fact that they are locally produced, fill a real need (kids need toys!) and most probably will not be produced by the millions and shipped all over the world.


Image: Mr Autumn at Etsy

To make your own wonderful soft toy all you need are some materials and a pattern, glue, knitting needles or needle and thread. To make an eco friendly 'green' soft toy then you might want to try using organic or recycled materials sourced from local producers.

::softie awards, ::softie awards pool on flickr, tutorial for making soft toy monster at ::flickr, and a knit pattern for an unusual soft nautical toy at ::Knitty.

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