Soda Stereo Asks Fans to Donate One Day of their Lives


First of all, Happy New Year Everybody! If you're in Argentina and one of your resolutions for 2008 is to help somebody, take note of this one.

Argentine rock band Soda Stereo (Wikipedia link), one of the most influential and acclaimed of Latin America, has -- as many bands this year, made a come back after separating ten years ago.

The interesting part is that, taking advantage of their popularity, they've incorporated a section on their website asking their fans to donate not money, but one day of their lives to help in different causes.

Via Clarin newspaper.The program was developed in team with Red Solidaria (Solidarity network), a non profit organization that connects people in need with those who want to help.

All Argentines, passers by or expats living in Argentina that want to participate only have to go to the Soda Stereo website, click on the section "Zona Solidaria" (Solidarity zone) and enter their contact information, along with the cause or area in which they would want to help. That will be sent to the Red Solidaria team, who will contact the person when his or her help is needed.

In the Soda Stereo website, there's also information about the levels of poverty, malnutrition, and the life quality of elder people in Argentina. They quote, for example, that, "260,000 children suffer for malnutrition"; or that, "720,000 people are over 80 in Argentina, a quarter of which are poor, and half are alone."

According to Clarin newspaper, so far more than 8,770 people have entered their information to help, which shows the level of response an action can have when backed up by local stars like this. Another good part: most people who entered their information are between 17 and 28 years old, a segment who probably wouldn't have participated other way. ::Soda Stereo ::Clarin article