Soccer Star Becomes Unlikely Eco-Warrior


Image credit: Ecotricity/Sustainability in Sportsoccer star Gary Neville's underground "eco-home" he was not impressed, neither with the home itself, nor the "teletubby" references used to describe it. Many of our commenters felt the same way, with Alex Scargall lamenting that "Footballers get paid far too much money if they have money to spend like this. Why dont they do something useful with it?" Now it seems Neville, who has finally secured planning permission for his home, is indeed putting his money into another major green cause. And he wants to bring the whole sporting community along with him. This past Tuesday Neville teamed up with wind-energy pioneers Ecotricity to launch a major new non-profit initiative to promote environmentalism through sport. The launch took place at a testimonial match for Neville played in Manchester's Old Trafford stadium. The electricity used for the game itself was matched by Ecotricity, making it effectively wind-powered, and the new non-profit Sustainability in Sport is now working to fund a community solar project in Manchester.

Neville, who has long been an advocate for green causes, described the motivation behind the scheme:

"I believe sport crosses all boundaries and plays a significant role in many people's lives. From my perspective we have to look at the effect sport has had on other issues over the last twenty years to see that when sport comes together with society, positive actions can happen.

Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity, co-founded the initiative as a huge soccer fan himself. in fact Vince, who is a committed vegan and owner of his own soccer team, has banned red meat at the stadium of Forest Green Rovers football club.

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