SNL Parodies Ridiculous High Fructose Corn Syrup Ads (Video)

The last episode of Saturday Night Live went ahead and lampooned on national television the ads we've all been mocking for years. Remember those hilarious pro-high fructose corn syrup ads that attempted to assert that you were both a snob and a racist if you had a problem with HFCS? I barely did (are they still running?). But SNL has a pretty game parody nonetheless. Below, watch the sketch's inspiration:

Not sure why people got turned off to HFCS in the first place? Mothership Meals will remind you (via Mat's original post on the ads):

... it's a crappy industrial product produced through weird enzymic processes, because it gets digested by the liver instead of the stomach, because it is part of our national corn-addiction, because it is so cheap that it is responsible for Big Gulps and the ever-sweetening of things like soup and ketchup, because it is the end product in our increasingly industrialized unsustainable food system and because it is at least in part responsible for the obesity epidemic...

Mmmmmm. Corn syrup.

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