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In early 2007, writer Colin Beavan started an experiment, which he described as follows:

A Guilty Liberal Finally Snaps, Swears Off Plastic, Goes Organic, Becomes A Bicycle Nazi, Turns Off His Power, Composts His Poop and, While Living In New York City, Generally Turns Into a Tree-Hugging Lunatic Who Tries to Save the Polar Bears and The Rest of the Planet from Environmental Catastrophe While Dragging His Baby Daughter and Prada-Wearing, Four Seasons-Loving Wife Along for the Ride.

He called himself "No Impact Man" but that isn't true at all; he had a tremendous impact on his family and on those who followed his transformation in his blog. You can see a microcosm of it in our exclusive excerpt from the new No Impact Man movie.


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In this scene, you see Colin being completely silly and doing his laundry in the bathtub; you see their daughter Isabella getting into the game, and his wife Michelle Conlin with a look of "who is this jerk and what am I doing here" all over her face before she, too, gets into the fun of it all.

Much of the world thought it a great advance when they no longer had to do laundry by hand (or foot, as the case may be); not everyone is going to follow the path set out by Colin. But one couldn't help but note the change in tone in the blog from the flip, humorous guy on a lark at the beginning of the experiment to the very serious, committed activist by the end. it is evidently the same in the film; our reviewer David Friedlander writes:

The transformation of values that occurred during the movie—particularly in Conlin—was earnest and inspiring.

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