Sneak Peak: Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

eco fashion week vancouver photo

Nixxi spring 2010 collection. Credit: Nixxi

While Bloomberg battles it out to reclaim New York's title as the fashion capital of the world in 2010, lesser known cities are working towards becoming the "eco fashion" capital. From Portland fashion week to New York's GreenShows that launched during spring 2010 fashion week, Vancouver is playing their hand with the upcoming Eco Fashion Forward Fundraising Night. The event coincides with the Winter Olympics--and will hopefully garner some media attention--on February 19, and leads up to the launch of Eco Fashion Week on April 20-22, 2010. Click through for event details, featured designers, and hear from Eco Fashion Week President, Myriam Laroche:

When people think of Paris they think of haute couture. When people think of Vancouver, we want them to automatically think about eco fashion. Hosting Eco Fashion Forward during the Olympics will secure our city's status as a leader in the green fashion movement.

Eco Fashion Forward Fundraising Night will feature live music by international performers Jill Barber, Vince Vaccaro, Adam Thomas, and the Mike Allen Quartet; a live painting by Caroline Weave; DJ performance by Phoenix Olivia, and a fashion show with fall 2010 collections by Adhesif Clothing--check out their Alice in Wonderland-inspired collection, here--Ashley Watson, Dotted Loop, Kim Cathers Elements, Nixxi, and WE3.

Ashley-Watson photo

Ashley Watson bag, Image courtesy of Vancouver Eco Fashion Week
Dotted Loop photo

Dotted Loop Necklace, Image courtesy of Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

Tickets are $45 and are available online at Eco Fashion Forward. A portion of the proceeds raised will benefit the David Suzuki Foundation.

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