Smooth Jazz Sounds Green with Robin Avery

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Who knew environmental activism could sound so . . . smooth? With all the noise made by green rock musicians like Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Sheryl Crow and Cloud Cult, sometimes it's easy to forget that there are other genres looking to contribute out there—genres that use way more sax. Robin Avery, a prominent Miami based jazz singer, has readied an uplifting anthem that'll softly inspire elevator riders, dentist office waiting room inhabitants, and anyone else that adult contemporary or smooth jazz radio stations' airwaves might reach. Her new single, "Light the Way" is a rallying cry (or gentle suggestion) for unity, forward thinking, and respecting the earth. "Protect the earth we live in/Choose wisely/See beyond today/Create a world of lasting prosperity/Join together and light the way," Avery sings over an airy, spirited, jazzy pop arrangement.

In all seriousness, it's good to see a genre not often associated with environmentalism get a dose of green optimism—and Robin Avery's pedigree as a social rights supporter, activist, and philanthropist (not to mention Ph. D holder in psychology) makes her a formidable green proponent. And her single, "Light the Way," is positive and affirming in a way that not too many songs are these days. Kudos to smooth jazz's greenest diva.

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