Smokey Bear Turns 65, Denied Retirement

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Happy Birthday Smokey! Looks like we need you now more than ever.
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His "Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires" is as true today as it was 65 years ago and with global warming and the increasing number of droughts around the globe, these words of wisdom are even more critical. Just this year, headlines ranged from fires expected to burn up the US Rocky Mountains, animals losing habitat due to increased forest fires, and even the loss of Sam the Australian Bushfire Koala recently. Sad but true, looks like there will be no rest for this weary little bear any time soon.

But, it's not all doom and gloom on Smokey's birthday. Since his launch in 1944, the US has gone from burning 22 million acres a year down to 7 million. The Ad Council, the USDA Forest Service, and the National Association of State Foresters have come up with a website full of facts, fun and games related to forest protection and fire prevention and help you "Get Your Smokey On." You can also participate in their Flickr photo contest. To learn how you too can help prevent forest fires, from easy things like not flicking cigarettes on the side of the road, to how you too can help fight global warming, check out Smokey's birthday page. Thanks Smokey and Happy Birthday!:Happy Birthday Smokey Bear
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