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So. You've been reading Treehugger for years. You know everything there is to know about green. You probably know what we're going to post even before we do. In that case, you're probably up for the Smart Cart Quiz Challenge. Brought to you by the new World of Marketplace by Ebay, The Smart Cart Quiz shows consumers how they can "vote" with their almighty dollar.

Each question asks what sounds like an outrageous statement, and then includes facts with the answer so the reader has a comparative figure for what that money could be used for - you know, like how many people could have been educated or how many solar panels could have been installed to power a village if we didn't collectively spend $14 billion on Valentines crap-ola each year. (true story). Another true story, American consumers collectively spend $8.7 trillion, accounting for 40% of the developed world's economy. Smart Cart Quiz challenges each of us to buy differently. Aside from offering consumption statistics, the site also directs contestants to the World of Good site where you can choose to purchase items that use fair trade, sustainability, and environmental principles. Now that you've just learned how much we spend on consumption, please choose wisely and don't consume unless you actually need it.

In addition, if you have a trivia fact, you can submit it to the challenge.
Thanks to Tipster Lauren Stower at World of Good.

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