Slugger Ryan Howard Tours the White House Garden

Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard recently took a tour of the White House garden and clearly came away impressed. Howard, who was baseball's Rookie of the year in 2005 and then MVP the following year, said he has been eating organic and dropped 20 pounds!White House chef/gardener Sam Kass accompanied Howard on his tour and showed him the garden, the compost bin, and the White House honey bees.

My favorite part of the video has to be when Howard discusses how he feels when he makes bad eating decisions. He said that when he chooses poorly--like chowing down on a burger and fries--he feels physically bad afterward and asks himself why he did that.

Says Howard: "I mean, you eat well, you just feel so good. You have so much energy. Takes a little while to get used to make the adjustment but overtime you're eating better."

Ryan, you just made a fan out of me. But take it easy on my Cubs, okay?

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