Sloweb to Net Users: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast!

You've heard of Slow Food, Slow Driving, Slow Sex, and Slow Design, now hear this: Sloweb. Sloweb aims to make your life a little less hectic. Not by giving you more gizmos and gadgets, but by asking yourself to take your time.

Sloweb's manifesto (it took a while to read it, because you can't fully expand the screen, but you have to scroll side to side and up and down) says we homo sapiens must slow down or face extinction. We must defend "quiet material pleasure" to oppose "Fast Life;" we must stop to enjoy life. And that defense must start at the PC. Or, more specifically, at the Sloweb site.

According to Near Near Future, you can join Sloweb to get a special slow mail service and a unique search engine that requires you to queue up to enter its Web site. Your "satisfaction?" Knowing you're the sole user at the moment. (See, we like the idea of getting things done on the internet quick-like so we can go for a walk, but more on that next.) Added values = a mobile-phone metronome that will help you walk with proper velocity, a blind for your screen, and a coffee mug-cum-mouse.

Actually, we don't entirely get it either. We love the idea of slowing down and stopping to smell the roses and we like the idea that humans and their technologies must learn to live at a harmonic, and far less frantic, rate. Oh, Sloweb! You're irony is not lost on us! ::Sloweb [by MO]

Sloweb to Net Users: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast!
Sloweb's manifesto (it