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Slow Down London is a new project created "to inspire Londoners to improve their lives by slowing down to do things well, rather than as fast as possible." It's a chance to create opportunities--spiritual, physical and educational--to encourage people to try living their life at a slower pace.

So the "club" has started an 8 week slow club, which this TreeHugger has nervously agreed to join, to inspire participants to slow down. Each week an email will arrive with suggestions for: an adventure, an instruction, a reflection, a support group and a daily and weekly task. Here we go on week one...

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The theme of Week 1 is "Find the right pace".

And the motto is "The world is a richer place when we make room for different speeds." Uwe Kliemt (pianist) quoted in In Praise of Slow. So for this week and next we are supposed to observe our speed...."discovering when to speed up and when to be slow...."

To do this participants have to: daily notice the speed with which we do one particular thing; whether that be boiling the kettle or walking to the subway.

Then once this week we have to walk somewhere slowly. The directions say "see if you can be fully aware as one foot contacts the ground, as the weight shifts to it, as the other foot lifts and moves ahead and then comes down to make contact with the ground in its turn." Hmmmmmm


Other tasks: go someplace new and different and quiet and tune out for awhile (cemeteries and parks are recommended). This means no Guardian newspaper, no crossword and no iPhone. Another hmmmm.......


Image from Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

Joining a group activity is an easy one: this Sunday there is a walk in the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park with the creators of slow london. And later on this week we have to fill out a questionnaire, telling the truth about our success so far.

More reports on that aspect next week....

Join the slow london club or follow the mis-adventures on their blog.

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