Sloth is the New Black

posters of sloth picture

Images from Green Patriot Posters

It is now fashionable to have "staycations"- to reduce your carbon footprint by lolling about at home rather than travelling , or buy less; use it up, wear it out, make it do. All of which uses up a lot less personal energy as well as fossil fuels. Laziness, languor, sloth are all the new green.

Author Susan Slaight describes how her lazy family has a small carbon footprint: "That's because I'm way too lazy to renovate," I said.

"We are incredible slackers," my eldest agreed. "Wait," she added. "It's not that we're lazy, we're like the Marches, in 'Little Women.' We think this is OK, to not care. We think this is a good thing."

"I guess," I said, stirring. "I guess we're kind of transcendentalist." Our eldest daughter is right. We practice a sort of a weird Southern California transcendentalism that doesn't fit in at all with American upward mobility, increasing our equity or impressing our friends. ::LA Times via ::Green Daily
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