Ski Dubai To Open September 2005

I don't normally do Un-Treehugger stuff, but this one just screamed at me. Next month there will be nearly 23,000 m2 of snow in Dubia. Yes, you read correctly. Dubai. Of all places. Often the temperature in September is said to be about 40oC (104oF), so how is this feat to be accomplished? Well, it seems that to keep 70 centimetres of snow on the 25 storey high, 5 run ski resort, it will employ "23 massive air conditioners and turn on the snowmaking jets", according to The Sun Herald newspaper (not online). It is being built inside the world's third largest mall. I shake my head in wonder and awe at the rationale of building such an energy hog, planned to be open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the worst of it, is that, apparently, we have over 40 of these testaments-to-insanity spread around the globe. Aaagh, is there no saving us from ourselves? Psst. Anyone want to buy the rights to my Hawaiian theme 'Surf Antarctica'? ::Ski Dubai