Is Skeptic Monckton Really Sascha Barron Cohen? (Video)

Lord Monckton Sascha Barron Cohen photoThe Hamster Wheel/Video screen capture

From his bizarrely hypocritical claim that non-scientists shouldn't talk climate science to being told pointedly by the UK House of Lords that he should not pretend to be one of them, arch-climate skeptic Viscount Christopher Monckton is no stranger to controversy. And while a point-by-point debunking of his climate change conspiracy theories has failed to silence this controversialist, one group of Australian comedians thinks they know why—it's all one big joke.

According to ABCs Hamster Wheel, Viscount Monckto is not just impersonating a lord. He is, himself, an impersonation—created by none other than comedy genius Sascha Barron Cohen. The video below shows what happened when The Hamster Wheel tried interviewing Barron Cohen "in character".

As always, comedy is a subjective matter. I'm not sure this is as "buttock-clenchingly embarrassing and hilarious" as Leo Hickman over at The Guardian says it is. But it is a poweful reminder that:

a) For better or worse, Viscount Monckton and his theories are well-known enough to warrant discussion on national TV.
b) That he is a relentless publicity hound who will grant interviews to almost anyone in an effort to be heard.
c) That the truth often truly is as strange as fiction. And comedy.

I still marginally prefer watching David Suzuki get punched in the nuts though.

Is Skeptic Monckton Really Sascha Barron Cohen? (Video)
Viscount Monckton has travelled the world disseminating his contrarian, often bizarre, climate change-as-hoax theories. But is he who he says he is?

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