Sitcom '30 Rock' To Go Green

There certainly seems to be a trend for eco-friendly TV shows; we've seen Leonardo di Caprio's new Green Reality TV show, Richard Branson's planned new green show and now "30 Rock" has decided to go green too.

According to this article on Buddy TV, NBC's sitcom 30 Rock will be incorporating some environmentally conscious messages as part of their "Green is Universal" initiative. The comedy series, which will start its eco-friendly episode on November 8, follows the creator's — Tina Fey — character or Liz Lemon, a head writer of a TV program who struggles to keep her show running while also trying to have a social life. From the article: "In the fifth episode of season 2 entitled "Greenzo," 30 Rock will feature Jack coming up with an idea about creating a green mascot for NBC in the form of a "Phillie Phanatic" looking character named Greenzo. But when the mascot's eco-friendly "preachiness" gets repulsively out of hand on The Girlie Show offices, Liz becomes fed up with the ridiculous character."

This season of 30 Rock will star a host of high profile guest celebrities, most notably former vice-president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore. Other guest stars are Emmy Award-winning journalist Meredith Vieira, and Friends' David Schwimmer.

30 Rock airs every Thursday at 8:30/7:30c on NBC and will be joined by a range of the channel's programs in running the "Green is Universal" campaign including 'The Office', 'My Name is Earl' and 'Las Vegas' just to name a few.

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Sitcom '30 Rock' To Go Green
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