Singer Kimya Dawson at Primavera Sound Festival: "Our choices are powerfull"

Kimya Dawson at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

Photo Credit: Sergio Carratalá

Although we missed the actions Barcelona's Summercase Festival took last year to green their music events (reusable cups, recycling schemes, LED lighting, etc.), two singers really got their message across at this year's Primavera Sound Festival. On the Saturday, Neil Young performed Fork in the Road in front of 30.000 fans, telling the story of his journey in the converted energy-efficient 1959 Lincoln Continental. Read more about the Canadian musician's 'Make a Neil Young video' project. On Sunday, Kimya Dawson, known as the one half of The Moldy Peaches, surprised Barcelona with a wonderful gig in the park, good-humouredly singing her socially-conscious songs for kids of all ages.We agree with Laura Witkowski from Tiny Mix Tapes: "Seeing that music is a huge part of your social identity, you're certainly going to make sure that your kid hears amazing music from day one. There will be no Kidz Bop for your baby. So who do you turn to for children's music for your lo-fi-indie-rocker-to-be? Kimya Dawson, of course. Her whimsical wordplay and simple-but-catchy melodies already seem one step away from children's music, so who better to step up and make an album for hip indie parents?"

Sunday afternoon in the Joan Miró Park in Barcelona, a relaxed indie crowd, sitting under palm trees and squeaking parrots, sang along to Dawson's songs from her album Alphabutt. Splashing bears, stinking elephants and rare pandas are the main characters in the songs, but there is also an important message about unfair, capitalist-based food distribution system and the pressure kids face to be cool. Dawson's message is clear: be yourself and make the most of your life.

We like Kimya Dawson's approach to life, her social and ecological consciousness that she spreads with her songs and on the Kimyan Dawson MySpace site. Here is what she thinks about diapers:

Oh yeah, if you have babies in your life and you feel bad about putting all those diapers into landfills you should consider cloth diapering. I am obsessed with it. There are some diapers, like GOODMAMAS that are so soft I rub them all over my face. Those are the cream of the diaper crop. They are not all that expensive and hard to come by (though even at that price if you buy a good stash you will still spend less $$ in the long run than you do on disposables). There are lots of good cheap diapers out there and you can even get them used for even cheaper. Check out Diaper Swappers for tons of information and to meet some great mamas to help you get started. But beware, diapering can become an addiction. But its an addiction you can feel good about by knowing you are doing good for the planet and your babies bottom, all while supporting crafters and mama run small business.

Our choices are powerful. Support small business.

We haven't come across many singers who get away with singing Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All the way she does, and dealing so charmingly with the odd drunken person ON stage... It is clear that Kimya Dawson lives what she tells us in her songs. ::Primavera Sound Festival ::Kimya Dawson

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