Singer-Activist Asks for a "Few Honest Words" on Election Day (Video)

Ben Sollee A Few Honest WordsMason Jar Music /Screen capture

Cellist-song writer-cyclist-activist Ben Sollee is accustomed to performing before large crowds, but he felt particularly nervous as he climbed the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to perform a song.

Ben Sollee's plea for “A Few Honest Words” comes to us on the heels of superstorm Hurricane Sandy and a day before the November 6th Presidential Election.

Watch "A Few Honest Words"

Midway through his song, Ben is stopped and escorted out of the Lincoln Memorial by security. His act of musical disobedience concludes outside on the steps of the memorial and serves as a reminder that if we want honesty in the media about climate change it is up to us to make our voices heard this Tuesday.

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