Sigourney Weaver, Eva Mendes, Alec Baldwin, and Other A-Listers Speak Out for Clean Energy

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Actress Sigourney Weaver may not get to visit the oceans of Pandora in the "Avatar" sequel, but she's more than a little concerned about Earth's underwater life: In a post for the NRDC's OnEarth community blog she highlights the importance of coral reefs -- and the threats the reefs face from the use of fossil fuels."Scientists point to coral as a canary in the coalmine for climate change, " she writes, "and their reaction to increased water temperatures isn't the only indication that carbon emissions are reaching dangerous levels." Weaver then points to an NRDC documentary she narrated, called "Acid Test," that explores ocean acidification and its effect on creatures at the bottom of the food chain, like plankton, shellfish, and coral. Watch the documentary here.

Join's Global Work Day with Ellen Page

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Actress Ellen Page -- who joined Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard on the green set of "Inception" this summer -- filmed this video in support of's Global Work Day, scheduled for 10/10/10. On that day, groups around the world will make an effort to implement green changes, from women in Pakistan using solar stoves to Japanese sumo wrestlers hopping on their bikes to get to work -- all to let lawmakers know that volunteers are serious about climate change. In the vide, Page says, "We want to send a clear message to our politicians: We're getting to work, so how about you?" Find out more about the Global Work Day (and sign up for your own project) at (Via The Huffington Post)

Ed and Eva Call for Clean Energy -- With Your Help

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Image via Let's Move Beyond Oil Eva Mendes and "Living with Ed" star Ed Begley, Jr., appear in a new PSA for the Sierra Club's Beyond Oil campaign -- but this one has a personalized twist: Enter your info on the video's homepage, and your first and last name will show up in graphics and images throughout the clip. After the video, there's an opportunity to sign the Let's Move Beyond OIl petition, and, as Ed says, "tell President Obama to create a clean energy future." (Via Ecorazzi)

Claim What's Yours with Repower America

Video via YouTube Repower America brought together supporters from all over the United States for a new video that they call "a declaration that we won't stay quiet while we lose our last, best line of defense against big polluters" -- the Clean Air Act. Alec Baldwin, Kris Kristofferson, Gloria Reuben, John Popper, Margaret Cho, and a lineup of other celebrities and non-celebrities devoted to clean air take a stand for what's theirs -- and ours -- in this peppy PSA.

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