Signs of Money Laundering and Greenwashing at the National Home Show

stimulus homeshow sign photo

Not much green at Canada's biggest home show, sometimes called the National Vinyl Show, other than the fact that everyone is jumping on the tax credit and stimulus bandwagon. One thing that is becoming clear: Blue (the energy star label) is the new Green (washing.) Some interesting signs:

green hot tub image

This caught my eye- how can a hot tub be green?

neutral hot tub image

They are trying hard to justify it, but the carbon neutrality obviously ends the minute you take possession and plug it in.

pella windows image

I asked the Pella salesman what they were talking about and he said "um, they save energy." I went on their website and found that they are indeed Energy Star rated, and do have some degree of concern about where their wood comes from.


But other window manufacturers use only FSC lumber, so they are not exactly pushing the sustainabililty envelope here.

mitsubishi green image

There just seems to be an attitude that you can just put a sign in front of anything, even a big honking air conditioning condenser, and call it green because you want to. Stick a blue Energy Star label on it, offer a tax credit, and you're green. But there is more to green than just saving energy, and why isn't Energy Star a minimum standard in the Building Code?

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