Sierra Designs Feels the Green Effect


Sierra Designs have been making outdoor gear for the past 40 odd years. (One of my favourite tents is one I frankensteined from parts of five remained SD ‘seconds’.) It great to see that they are now taking a more proactive stewardship role towards the environment their customers enjoy. Through their Green Effect program they plan to do stuff like build environmentally friendly products, support environmental organisations, reduce waste and enhance community involvement. Some of the ways they are meeting these goals is to power their office and warehouse via 100% wind energy certificates, and build trade show booths with 70% recycled materials. As of this year some of their rainwear will use solvent-free membranes and PVC-free seam seal tape. They have apparel made with recycled poleyster and renewable coconut and beechwood content, and note that the tent poles they specify have seen a greatly reduced use of phosphoric and nitric acid in the anodising process. None of these initiatives, on their own, is particularly innovative, but that they are combined into a publicly declared program does suggest they are serious about making some inroads in this important realm. As their boss said, “To us, it’s about living and working in ways that don’t jeopardize the future of our social, economic and natural resources.“ ::Sierra Designs Green Effect via Snews.

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