Sierra Club Calls Out JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Environmentalists like to blast "Big Coal" or "Big Oil" but they too rarely call out polluters by name. Sierra Club bucked the trend today with a new video that fingers JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as a man who promised to "walk the talk" on energy and the environmental, but who actually heads a bank that bankrolls the dirtiest industry in the world--coal.JPMorgan Chase underwrites:

--Massey Energy, headed by another big polluter, Don Blankenship. Massey is behind much of the mountaintop removal coal mining done in this country and has used strong-arm tactics in defense of their business including assaulting anti-coal activists.

--New coal plants developed by American Municipal Power, Alliant
Energy and a subsidiary of American Electric Power.

The Sierra Club says that they'll be asking people to contact Jamie Dimon "to ask him to live up to his rhetoric and stop financing devastating and risky coal projects." On their web site there doesn't appear to be a "take action" section for this campaign, but there are several great tools to keep track of coal. There's the mountaintop removal permit tracker and the proposed coal plant tracker--both are useful and scary.

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