Sierra Club Book Give-Away: Bike Touring

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A lot of us commute by bicycle and feel strongly about using two-wheeled transportation instead of the car whenever we can.

But bikes are for fun, too, and in that spirit Sierra Club Books just published the second edition of Bike Touring, by Raymond Bride. The original edition, published in 1979, introduced tens of thousands of riders to the joys of bicycle travel and quickly became the go-to reference for bike-touring enthusiasts.

My colleagues at Sierra Club Books here in San Francisco let me know that they're eager for TreeHugger readers to check it out, so we worked out a deal: The first 20 people who sign up here will receive a free copy. If you sign up and don't get a copy, or want to skip the giveaway and just buy it, you can get a 25% discount if you do it before Sunday, May 31, at midnight Pacific time. Just click here and use the code HUGBIKE. (That "hug" part lets us know you're a Treehugger reader.)A lot has changed in the past three decades, and Bridge's fully revamped book -– a whopping 448 pages – covers both the latest equipment and the expanding universe of touring options for a whole new generation of riders.

This book's expert advice enables both novice and veteran bike travelers to get the most from any journey, while saving money and staying safe. It includes detailed information and tips on how to:

-- Train, equip, and plan for tours of any length and difficulty, from overnight trips near home to multi-week journeys abroad
-- Choose among touring options, including supported commercial tours, roof-to-roof (or "credit card") tours, and fully independent,
self-contained travel
-- Select equipment from the myriad choices available, starting with road, mountain, or world-touring bikes
-- Evaluate bike frames and fit, drive trains, wheels, brakes, saddles and handlebars, and accessories
-- Camp along your route, make roadside repairs, and transport your bike by land or air

There's an extensive Resources section jammed with advice on what to pack, and it directs readers to books, articles, map sources, retailers, organizations, and a wealth of information on the Web.

Throughout the guide, Bridge never loses sight of the main point: the joy of experiencing new places under your own power. So get on your bikes and ride!

Sierra Club Book Give-Away: Bike Touring
A lot of us commute by bicycle and feel strongly about using two-wheeled transportation instead of the car whenever we can.

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