Sienna Goes to India

Sienna Miller has morphed from a minor league actress to a minor league environmental crusader. Switching her allegiance from Jude Law to celebrity-studded Global Cool, she has just returned from India where, as an ambassador for the organisation, she was meeting A-list Bollywood stars and saving the world. Miller made a spoof film trailer with some of them in an attempt to raise awareness of climate change in India. They all posed as superheroes saving the planet by switching to low-energy light bulbs and sharing cars. It was shown on t.v. and 400 million people potentially saw it.

She kept a blog of her trip to Mumbai, and between eating at fabulous restaurants she toured the slums and was very disturbed by the level of poverty. Recognising the contradictions in her wild and crazy life, she said " I feel completely crap about myself when I see how most of the world is living, we're spoilt and very lucky. But entertainment brings a lot of joy to people's lives. There's a level of superficiality to it but it makes people happy." Sienna defends the Hollywood lifestyle because there is "a big community that's very aware of the problem, a lot of films are becoming carbon neutral" and she has persuaded her agency in LA to go carbon neutral. "But I'm not a martyr, I'm not perfect and I'm not going to judge other people. You won't find me hammering on their big trailer doors. :: Sunday Times

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