Should Motorists Wear Helmets?


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Driving is dangerous; 1.2 million people die in cars every year, a lot of them from head injuries. Bike activist Mikael at Copenhagenize wonders why motorists don't wear helmets. More to the point, he wonders why there aren't safety campaigns and regulations to make people wear helmets in cars. In the end, he notes that "the automobile industry wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole. It would be a catastrophe for sales if we started telling people that driving is dangerous. 1.2 million deaths a year and many more injuries. Goodness, no. That's bad marketing." But according to Driving without Dying, studies in Australia have shown that helmets would cut brain injuries by 50% and save at least one in five crash victims; it seems like a good idea. We pick up on Mikael's survey:

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