Should Billboards Be Banned? A Look at São Paulo

Tony de Marco took some pictures of São Paulo following the billboard ban. View them on Flickr.

Cord Jefferson has a nice post at GOOD on how São Paulo, Brazil has changed following the 2006 ban of billboards and outdoor advertising. It didn't surprise me to learn that most businesses have survived this change. Good regulation encourages innovation, so as advertisers and marketers were forced to think "outside the billboard," it was an opportunity to tap into better, more creative ideas. Visit the GOOD post for some more links on the story.

Here in the United States, attitudes towards billboard advertising is all over the map. In Vermont, a billboard ban has protected scenic views since 1968, while states like Florida go so far as to cut down healthy trees because they dared to prevent drivers from seeing billboards across the street. If it were up to me, I wish more US states would try the Vermont approach.

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