Should Al Gore Take on Hunger Next?

Can Al Gore do for hunger what he did for global warming with An Inconvenient Truth? That's the goal of Action Against Hunger, a NGO dedicated to tackling world hunger. To recruit Gore, the organization has started a guerilla marketing campaign that makes it appear as if their film, No Hunger, is Gore's next film. A little investigation on their web site reveals that the group is really gathering petition signatures to present to Gore to convince him to make the film. Action Against Hunger launched their Gore campaign in the fall in Madrid. Now more than 60,000 have signed the petition, including several Spanish and French actors and media personalities and even "Heroes" co-star Jimmy Jean Louis.

Just as An Inconvenient Truth helped reshape climate change, an Al Gore film "could mobilize the support needed to end childhood deaths from malnutrition—a predictable, preventable condition that threatens 55 million children every year," says Action Against Hunger.

Action Against Hunger is using a trailer for No Hunger to get Gore's buy-in and to educate the public about acute malnutrition, a disease that kills 5 million children each year. You can view the movie trailer at

Of course, Gore's film has raised awareness about climate change, but it has not lead to strong action--yet. Gore has three climate groups that he's helping to run and a TV channel, so he probably doesn't have too much time for another cause. That said, this is a brilliant PR move and I hope it shines a bright light on hunger, an issue that escapes attention while we fixate on other more important issues--like Sarah Palin's political future.

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