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Images: Story of Coal, Story of Electronics, Brief History of Fossil Fuels, What Happens When the Oil Runs Out
And the Oscar for Best Green Short Goes to...
One of the great things about the web is how inexpensive it now is to reach a lot of people. Not so long ago you would have needed to have access to either a printing press, a movie or television studio, or a radio station. Now, anybody can create a website and publish text, or use digital tools to create videos that can then be hosted on a variety of free sites (youtube, Vimeo, etc). Here's a compilation of some great short animated films about green topics.
The Story of Coal
One of the problems with burning coal is that most people never come anywhere near it, so they don't see the impacts that it has. They don't have a clear mental picture of what their electricity use means, and talking about abstract numbers (pounds, tons, and megatons of carbon aren't easy to related to) isn't helping much. That's why I think this short film is great; it's not the first one to do try to break down coal use into a scale that people can more reasily grasp, but I think it does a particularly good job.

More details about it here: The Story of Coal (Video)

300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds
This short animated film made by the Post Carbon Institute gives a quick and entertaining history of our use of fossil fuels to power most of our lives, and what the post-carbon world might look like.

More details about it here: A Brief History of Fossil Fuels (Video)

The Story of Stuff
The video that started it all for the The Story of Stuff Project, Annie Leonard's brainchild. More from this series below.

More details about it here: The Story of Annie Leonard: Her Take on Stuff, Bottled Water, Cosmetics and More

The Story of Electronics
There's a new addition to the series of short animated films made by The Story of Stuff Project. It's about electronics; how they're designed, made, used, and disposed of, and how could all of this be better.

More details about it here: The Story of Electronics by Annie Leonard (Video)

The Story of Bottled Water
Also part of the same series is The Story of Bottled Water, which talks about the destructive and wasteful practices of this industry.

More details about it here: The Story of Electronics by Annie Leonard (Video)

Past Peak Oil Travelling Towards Transition Animation from Anita Sancha on Vimeo.

What Happens When The Oil Runs Out
About this video Lloyd wrote: "Watch a very cute animation by self-described "eco animator" Anita Sancha. Where most Peak Oilers are pretty dystopian, Anita envisions a bucolic world full of wind power and bicycles, after a rather dramatic crash of our oil-powered vehicles. I hope she is right."

More details about it here: What Happens When The Oil Runs Out (Video)

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