Sheryl Crow's Vegan-Friendly Cookbook, Ellen DeGeneres Campaigns with PETA, and More

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Sheryl Crow is the latest A-lister to enter the world of celebrity cookbooks: Her effort, called "If It Makes You Healthy," is a collaboration with her personal chef, Chuck White, and contains 125 recipes -- many of which are vegetarian or vegan friendly, says Vegetarian Star. Meatless meals include zucchini muffins, vegan chocolate-mint brownies, and vegetable panini -- all healthy, sustainable options that fit into Crow's other green lifestyle choices (like scheduling a green tour, performing at Greenbuild, and using solar power at home).

Ellen Calls on her Fans to End Seal Hunting

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Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is passionate about animal causes -- she has been the face of Farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey program, she's a dedicated vegan, and she and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have been honored by the Humane Society -- and now she's focusing her attention on the seal hunt in Canada, reports Mother Nature Network. DeGeneres posted a message to fans on her website last week, urging them to donate to PETA's efforts to stop the hunt, saying, "Seal hunting is one of the most atrocious and inhumane acts against animals allowed by any government...This has to stop." But she's not the only celebrity on board with the campaign: Singers Ke$ha and Iggy Pop appear in PETA's new ad campaign with the tagline "Canada's Club Scene Sucks."

"True Blood" Star Fights Tiger Cruelty

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"True Blood" vampire Kristin Bauer teamed up with the Animal Legal Defense Fund to rescue a tiger named Tony who's been living at a truck stop in Louisiana for the last ten years, reports Ecorazzi. "In the wild, Tony might roam a territory of 100 square miles," she says. "But for the last decade, he has instead live in a concrete enclosure plagued by the noise of diesel engines and the stench of gasoline. Day after day, this magnificent cat is taunted and harassed by tourists." The Animal Legal Defense Fund has also filed suit against the state's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to revoke the permit that keeps Tony trapped there.

Incubus Singer Wants You to Kick the Plastic Habit

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In an editorial on The Huffington Post, Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd writes about sustainability -- and how to stem the tide of disposable plastic bags and bottles that are filling up the oceans. His message is simple: "Not saying we should take up recycled sports and scratch litter bugs into agreeing with us or anything, though that would be quite funny," he writes, "but more succinctly we need to put our money where our mouths are. And in this case that means STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER. BRING YOUR OWN CLOTH TOTE TO THE STORE." And while he knows this isn't a new concept, he also points out that the issue isn't resolving itself. "We know how dangerous and unsustainable these habits of ours are. We have just been all too wrapped up in the convenience that have been afforded us to step decidedly aside from our vast capacity for denial."

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