Sharks Need Your Help, Seth [Updated]

The new media, blogging, Web 2.0. It's all about conversation, right? Well, lets see. Earlier today we posted about how bad things were for sharks, with up to 200 millions of them getting killed each year and many of their 350 species facing extinction. Part of the problem is that sharks have an image problem: They are getting slaughtered (often their fin is cut off to make soup and they are thrown back in the water to die slowly) and almost nobody is even raising an eyebrow.

So lets ask an expert: Popular blogger and marketing guru, Seth Godin.

Seth, if sharks were your clients, how would you change their image? Is it possible to "sell" animals to the public without them looking like this or this (or in fact, anything here)? Is there a trick to speed up the process, or is it all about slowly educating people. These clients are not looking for more market-share, its their very existence that is at stakes (and if they disappear, whole marine ecosystems will suffer). Any ideas? ::Seth Godin's Blog, ::Jean-Michel Cousteau: Sharks Need Our Help
Update: Seth Godin left an insightful comment below. Thanks Seth!

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