Sharing our Humanity at the 20th Anniversary of Chernobyl


We try to stay upbeat here at TreeHugger, preferring to be part of the solution rather than to curse the darkness. The comments to TH's satirical party tips for the Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster demonstrate that this approach is not shared by all TreeHugger readers--even though a close look at the entertainment agenda proves the effectiveness of the "party tips" at revealing the underlying truth of the case: how can someone without direct experience even remotely appreciate the impacts on the individual lives of those involved? If the ironic superimposition of a hint of the uncertainties and fears into your own routine is not to your liking, may we suggest that you mark the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl with a visit to Pixel Press "Nuclear Nightmares: 20 Years Since Chernobyl". This series of photos by Robert Knoth and reporting by Antoinette de Jong presents in stark black and white a testimony of the suffering of some victims of Chernobyl. The arguments will continue about whether Chernobyl was as much a failure of communication, planning and politics as it was of engineering and science. We will have to continue the arguments about how to meet our need for power in the face of peak oil and global warming. But perhaps in honor of those who have suffered, you can instead use the comments to share a memory, experience or website which will remind us of our common humanity in the modern world.via Google search: "Chernobyl 20 years"