Share Your Garden Photos, Win a Giftcard

Part of my ongoing mission in life is inspiring people to grow their own it veggies, fruits, or herbs. You don't have to have a large plot of land or live in the country to pull this off. I've grown 40 pounds of tomatoes on a patio in San Francisco.

In that vein, we have a little contest going on in the forums for people to share photos of their gardens. It can be a garden full of growth, a new design, grown in the city, on a patio, in containers, in the country, etc. It can be from this year or years past. Share your photos and a little story.

Three of my favorites win a $25 Discovery giftcard. If anything come on in and look at the other garden photos people have shared. Maybe you'll be inspired to start your own. Feel free to ask members how to get started.

Share your photos here.