Share The Truth Giving Away Tickets to An Inconvenient Truth


As odd as it might seem to those of us who make regular rounds through TreeHugger, there are still a lot of people who haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth. It's sad, but true, but website Share The Truth (we mentioned them briefly before) is working on changing that, by giving away tickets to the film. They're accomplishing this by hoping that the film's call to action will help inspire those who have seen it to lend a hand and get some more people to go. By taking donations and pledges from people to cover the cost of tickets, popcorn and even parking, Share The Truth is spreading Al Gore's message about our warming globe to those who wouldn't have otherwise seen it, and they appear to have a pretty good start. Fresh off celebrating their one-month anniversary, they've announced that over $3,000 has come in via donations, meaning that there are 400 or so more tickets sold before they began encouraging people to share. It's more than money, though. The site also encourages visitors to simply sign up to put themselves on the map of movie supporters, or to help spread the word through their online forums. Either way, they're generating more buzz and getting some more butts in the seats, and we sure like to see that. ::Share The Truth via ::Hugg