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Stop patting your pockets for business cards made out of pulped and bleached dead trees—analog contact info is so 2007, according to Contxts, a free new service that allows you to text your deets to your latest acquaintance.

Similarly, your new colleague/associate/soul mate/BFF can retrieve your profile via SMS simply by texting your username on their phone (upon your approval, of course, just in case you were worried about potential stalkers). Setting up your txt card couldn't be easier. All the site needs to get you started is your name, cell-phone number, and e-mail address, as well as a username of your choice and password. You can then fill your txt card with up to 140 characters, along with links to your various social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Plus, you can manage all your contacts on the company's Web site or export your virtual Rolodex to your Mac or PC.

Just a couple of caveats: Contxts is still in alpha, which means it hasn't had all its kinks worked out yet. Also SMS charges may apply, depending on the type of wireless plan you subscribe to.

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