SF Green Festival 09 - Reclaimed and Eco-Art Speaks to Minimizing Waste

eco-artwork photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Attendees at the San Francisco Green Festival weren't lacking for beautiful things to look at. This display used found materials including flowers and edibles. It is beautiful, and colorful, but right next to it was another large and impressive piece of art created from industrial materials welded together. It was that piece that seemed to draw people in...

reclaimed art piece photo

Artist Abba Yahudah created this piece called "Waste Not, Want Not" that speaks to our use of water. All of the components are found objects having to do with waterworks systems, and red paint on some of the pieces equates water to life blood.

reclaimed art close photo

The theme is clear - if we don't waste it, we'll have our resources in future years. But it comes down to how we build our infrastructure and systems around water use.

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