SF Green Festival 09 - Cute Green Christmas Cards Give The Gift of Trees You Can Track As They Grow

treenex christmas card photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch
Treenex offers up some holiday cards that are certainly not cheap, but are a gift within themselves. When you buy a card, you plant a tree. A whole tree for a single gift card...not a bad trade! And, Treenex is more than just a gift card company - it's really more a group of avid tree planters who also have some adorable gift cards to sell. So far 8,500 trees have been planted. When you buy a gift card, a tree is planted - and you can follow its development online. The cards come with a code for the tree planted for that card, so when you enter it, you can find out how your tree is faring.

Running around $4.50 to $5 each, the cards are not cheap. But considering what you get for them, they aren't expensive either. You can get holiday cards and have that be the whole gift. They also sell cards for all sorts of other occasions, or you can skip the cards and just plant trees. A cluster of 5 oak trees as a birthday present for someone, for example, is $15.

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